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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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About SpendMap

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About Us

At SpendMap, we develop software solutions for companies that need to streamline their procurement processes and better control their spending.

We help our customers automate and improve their purchasing, payables and materials management processes to slash paperwork, control spending and cut costs.

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Module-map-allAbout the Software

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SpendMap can be installed on your own computers (On-Premise) or we can host it for you in the Cloud (On-Demand, SaaS).

SpendMap is available as a web-based system and as a Windows/desktop application. For more details, see Front End Applications.

Modular, Integrated and Easily Expandable

The system is modular and easily expandable, so you can start with only what you need today and add to the system as your needs grow.

The fully-integrated modules are organized around the steps in the procurement process, including;

Requisitions and Approvals

Purchasing (Purchase Orders)


Invoice Approval

Request for Quotation (RFQ)

Additional materials management modules include:

Consumable Inventory Control

Asset Management

Additional "connectivity" modules include:

E-mail integration

Fax integration

Barcode integration

PunchOut (e-commerce integration)

Supplier Portal (supplier self-service)