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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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E-mail Integration

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The email module makes it easy to communicate with your suppliers as well as other SpendMap users. 

Electronic Documents

You can send paperless procurement documents (Purchase Orders, Releases and RFQs) to your suppliers by e-mail, including the documents themselves, terms and conditions pages and any attachments. 

SpendMap will obtain the supplier's e-mail address from the Supplier Master File and will create the e-mail messages automatically, so documents are sent with no manual intervention whatsoever. 

For more details and other options, see Sending Documents Electronically.


SpendMap can optionally send automatic e-mail notifications to system users and suppliers when certain events occur, such as an e-mail to a manager to let them know that they need to approve a requisition, an e-mail to the requisitioner if their request was rejected, an e-mail to a supplier to let them know that an order was canceled, and so on. 


Any of SpendMap's 100+ reports can be sent by e-mail by selecting “e-mail” as the report destination.

You can also schedule reports to be delivered automatically. For example, you might arrive each morning to find a list of late orders in your Inbox or perhaps a list of items that need to be re-ordered.

E-Mail Logs

The Sent E-mail Log provides a history of outgoing e-mail messages that were sent by SpendMap.

The E-mail Error Log can be used to manage outgoing e-mail messages that could not be transmitted successfully.

Requirements and Setup

Just like the e-mail software that is installed on your PC (e.g. Outlook), SpendMap does not send e-mail itself. Rather, it generates the contents of the e-mail message and then hands the message off to your outgoing e-mail server for delivery to the recipient.

SpendMap can integrate with both MAPI and SMTP compliant e-mail servers, such as Microsoft Exchange Server and many others.  For smaller companies that do not have their own (internal) mail servers, SpendMap can also work with an external Internet Service Provider (ISP), such as Gmail.  Please speak with your IT Department for details.

You can configure the e-mail module and select your type of e-mail server and other options in e-mail settings.