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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Request for Quotation (RFQ)

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Module Overview

The Request For Quotation Module facilitates the creation of your RFQ documents, management of supplier bids/ quotations and the automatic creation of Purchase Orders or Requisitions from selected bids, with no duplicate data entry.

The current status of any RFQ is instantly available as is complete RFQ and bid history.

With the RFQ module, you can eliminate data entry, streamline the bidding process and reduce prices for the goods and services that are needed to keep your business running.

Module-map-RFQKey Features

Auto-build RFQs from approved requisitions, with no duplicate data entry.

Copy previous RFQs.

Unlimited items and suppliers per RFQ.

Print, fax or e-mail RFQs to suppliers or post new RFQs to the web-based Supplier Portal where suppliers can review their RFQs and submit pricing online.

Award RFQs to one or many suppliers (ie. split RFQs).

Automatically build awarded RFQs into Purchase Orders or Requisitions.