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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Fax Integration

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Still have old school suppliers that don’t accept Purchase Orders by email or PunchOut?  No problem, SpendMap has you covered. 

Electronic Documents

You can send paperless procurement documents (Purchase Orders, Releases and RFQs) to your suppliers by fax, including the documents themselves and terms and conditions pages. 

SpendMap will obtain the supplier's fax number from the Supplier Master File and will create the faxes automatically, so documents are sent with no manual intervention whatsoever. 

For more details and other options, see Sending Documents Electronically.


Any of SpendMap’s 100+ reports can be sent by fax by selecting “Fax” as the report destination.

Manual Fax Memos

You can create letters/memos and fax them directly to a supplier from within SpendMap.

Fax Log

The Fax Log provides a history of outgoing faxes and can be used to confirm receipt of faxes and manage errors (i.e. faxes that could not be sent successfully).

Requirements and Setup

You can configure the faxing module in Fax Settings.