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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Supplier Portal (supplier self-service)

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The supplier portal is a web-based application that allows your suppliers to access a protected area of SpendMap to review and submit information.

While additional capabilities will be added over time, at the time of writing the Supplier Portal includes the following functions:

Respond to RFQs (enter bids/quotes)

Update corporate and personal (user) information

Manage user accounts, change passwords, etc.

View Bulletin Board messages

Infrastructure and Security

The Portal is built on the Rich Web Client and shares other resources with the core SpendMap system, such as e-mail notifications, user authentication, etc.

However, since suppliers log into a separate and secure part of the application, they will only have access to the functionality that you provide them. That is, they will not be able to access your core SpendMap system or data, nor will they be able to see documents (e.g. RFQs) for other suppliers or even other suppliers’ pricing for an RFQ that they might also have access to.

For clarity, the login ID codes and passwords that you assign to users of the Portal (your suppliers) cannot be used to access your core SpendMap system.

Portal Users

Just like your internal users (i.e. your staff), each Portal user (i.e. your suppliers’ staff) will need a user account and password to access the system. There can be many Portal users at a single supplier’s company if you wish.

You can manage Portal user accounts in the [PORTAL] folder of the Supplier Master File, including adding new users, password management, and setting up user access rights.

If you wish, some Portal users may be able to manage the user accounts of other Portal users at their company. For example, you may set up one account for a Sales Manager who will then set up accounts for his or her staff.

Portal users do not consume user licenses in the system.

E-Mail Notifications

In addition to an initial e-mail invitation to start using the system, Portal users can also optionally receive e-mail notifications when new RFQs are processed and it is time to submit their bids.

You can turn this notification on or off for each Portal user in the [PORTAL] folder of the Supplier Master File.

Portal Home Page (Login Page)

The default Portal home page (VENDOR.HTM) that comes with the system can be customized to suit your needs using a text editor or html editor.

In addition to fields for user ID and password, the home page would typically include links for your Purchasing Department's contact information, training materials for users (i.e. user guide) and perhaps references to your procurement policies or other terms and conditions of use.

For additional details, see the Installation Instructions.

User Guide for Suppliers

A Help System (similar to this one) is included with the Supplier Portal software. Suppliers can access the on-line help from any menu choice or screen in the Portal or from the Login Page by selecting the link for “Training Materials”.

The Portal’s Help System (User Guide) was specifically designed for casual/occasional users and assumes no prior knowledge of the SpendMap application.

Other Settings and Related Utilities

The following are used to configure and/or manage the Supplier Portal...

Supplier Portal Views

Modify Portal Menus

Portal Activity Log