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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Barcode Integration

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The Barcode Module simplifies consumable inventory and asset related transactions in SpendMap.

Instead of manually typing in item details, you can scan barcodes when performing inventory counts and other transactions, resulting in less data entry, less processing time and less chance for errors.

Key Features

Compatible with most barcode scanners and printers.

Optionally print barcode labels for your consumable inventory items and assets when they are received or you can use your suppliers’ UPC barcodes.

Scan barcodes during the receiving process to quickly locate the applicable PO in the system.

Scan items when processing inventory usages (taking items out of stock).

Scan items when performing physical inventory counts.

Related information and settings

For high level information and concepts about the use of barcodes in general, as well as information on the SpendMap-specific use of barcodes, see Barcode Integration – General Information.

You can configure barcode-related options for each item in the Item Master File.

Various other system-wide configuration options are available in Barcode Scanning Options, Barcode Label Printing Options and Configure Barcode Label Layout.

Hardware Requirements

The Barcode Module can be used with most standard barcode scanners and printers.

SpendMap can be used with both on-line scanners (i.e. attached to your computer) and off-line scanners (detached).

SpendMap includes a flexible barcode label setup utility that can be used to print on most barcode label configurations including standard laser printer label sheets (i.e. with multiple labels per page) or dedicated barcode label printers with continuous feed labels.

For additional details, please see the Installation Instructions or contact your SpendMap Support Representative.