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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Asset Management

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Module Overview

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The Asset Management Module is used to control a fixed asset inventory, such as computers, furniture, equipment, vehicles and so on.

This is not the same as the Inventory Control Module, which is used to manage consumable inventory.

The Asset Management Module simplifies the asset tracking process and improves the accuracy of asset reporting.

The benefits to your organization of maintaining accurate asset information are extensive. In addition to the ability to quickly locate and value your assets, the Asset Management Module can help you comply with government regulations, meet audit requirements, prepare insurance claims and so on.

Module-map-assetKey Features

Asset Master File is updated automatically when items are received.

Integrated Barcode Module simplifies asset counts.

Warranty tracking.

Service history tracking.

Detailed asset information at your fingertips, with reporting by asset category, status, location, etc.

Asset depreciation and valuation reporting including straight-line and declining-balance valuation methods.

Preventive Maintenance (PM) features allow you to reduce costs and down-time related to equipment failure and extend equipment life by implementing a systematic method of scheduling, tracking, and performing preventive maintenance tasks.



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