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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Purchasing (Main Module)

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Module Overview

The Main (Purchasing) Module is where you manage your Purchase Order, as well as all system-wide utilities for things like setting up users, suppliers, items/parts and other Master Files, reporting tools, system configuration and integration tools, etc.

The Main Module is a prerequisite to all other modules.

Purchase Order Management

SpendMap can automate and streamline many time-consuming Purchase Order management tasks, such as PO creation and status tracking, Change Order management, supplier and item catalog maintenance, etc. 

You can eliminate paperwork, save time and increase visibility in your Purchasing Department. 

Module-map-purchKey Features of the Main Module


Purchase Order Processing

Change Orders, including revision numbering and tracking.

PO Status tracking and expediting

Item history tracking and reporting

Supplier performance

Budget controls

Reporting and spend analysis

User setup and security tools

Integration tools

System configuration and maintenance tools.

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