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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

There are a few ways that you can access SpendMap.  Each "front-end" is optional.

Regardless of how you connect to SpendMap, it is a single system - all data/transactions are stored in the same database and users can switch between front-ends at any time.  For example, you might use the Rich Web Client while at your desk but log into the e-Series mobile website while on the road to approve orders on your Smartphone or tablet.

Rich Web Client

100% browser-based, this “Rich Web Application” delivers the full functionality of SpendMap and a rich user experience traditionally reserved for desktop applications, only with no software to install on the workstations.

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e-Series Employee Storefront and Mobile Website

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The e-Series Employee Storefront is a super-simple, mobile-responsive web application designed specifically for your "casual" end-users (i.e. your staff/customers), as opposed to your "core" users in Purchasing and Accounting (who would likely use the Rich Web Client or Desktop Application).

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, your casual/occasional users like Requisitioners, Approvers and Receivers can access the system on any type of device, with little or no training at all.

Key features of the e-Series include...

oSupports requisition entry, requisition approval, receiving and related functions.

oSuper-simple "Shopping Cart" format for requisition entry - if your staff have ever bought anything online, they likely won't need any training at all.

oMobile responsive - supports desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

How to access the e-Series...

oOn a desktop computer (PC or Mac), just select the applicable "login option" on the Universal Login Page.

oOn a smartphone or tablet, just go to the Universal Login Page.

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Mobile-Responsive Universal Login Page

SpendMap offers a single "Universal Login Page" to access both the Rich Web Client (on desktop and laptop computers) or the e-Series Employee Storefront and Mobile Website (usually on Smartphones or tablets).

The Universal Login Page will auto-detect the device type and display the appropriate option for each device, so you can deploy a single URL/website for your users, regardless of their choice of device.

TIP: if the Phone to Tablet login page is being displayed on your desktop or laptop computer, just increase the size of your web browser window.

Desktop Application

The Windows/desktop application includes the full functionality set of SpendMap (same functionality as Rich Web Client).

The software can be installed on your PC workstations or deployed using Citrix, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop or similar "remote access" technologies.

Supplier Portal

The supplier portal is a web-based application that allows your suppliers to access a protected area of SpendMap to review and submit information (e.g. respond to RFQs and submit pricing online).

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