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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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PunchOut (e-commerce integration)

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The PunchOut Module is used to connect SpendMap to your suppliers’ e-commerce web sites, such as Amazon, Staples, Dell, Grainger, Corporate Express and many others.

You can shop on these popular e-commerce web sites, select items from their on-line catalogs and submit Purchase Orders electronically, all from within SpendMap. 

Reduced Item Catalog Maintenance

You can browse your suppliers’ on-line item catalogs to select items for Requisitions and Purchase Orders (as opposed to selecting items from SpendMap's internal Item Master File) and when you "check out", the contents of your Shopping Cart will be pulled back into SpendMap to create the Purchase Order or Requisition.  This results in reduced item catalog maintenance efforts on your part since the supplier is responsible for maintaining item details (part list, descriptions, pricing, etc.). This is especially beneficial if you buy a large number of items from one or more suppliers (e.g. suppliers like Amazon and Staples offer thousands of items). 

To Punch-Out to a supplier’s web site to select items, just click the [PUNCHOUT] button in the Requisition Work Area, PO Work Area, or Product Sourcing Page in the e-Series Employee Storefront. You will be presented with a list of PunchOut-enabled suppliers to select from (i.e. suppliers that you have set up using the [PUNCHOUT] folder of the Supplier Master File).

Orders Placed Directly into Supplier’s Ordering System

SpendMap includes XML technology to integrate directly with your suppliers’ ordering systems. Orders are placed instantaneously, on-line, resulting in faster order turnaround since the supplier does not have to manually enter the order in their system as they would if you placed the order by fax, e-mail, hard copy or verbally. In addition to reduced turnaround time, your suppliers may also pass these labor savings back to you in the way of lower prices for orders that are placed electronically.

Unlike when manually placing an order directly on a supplier’s web site, you will also have a copy of the order within SpendMap for reporting and analysis, as well as to facilitate the receiving and invoice approval processes.

For more details, see Electronic Documents.

Best of Both Worlds 

In the past, buyers had to pick between the convenience of placing orders on their suppliers’ e-commerce sites and the control and accurate record keeping of an internal procurement system. With the PunchOut Module, you get the best of both worlds - the control and reporting capabilities that can only come with an in-house purchasing system along with the ease-of-use and rich item catalog content of your suppliers’ on-line ordering systems.

Requirements and Setup

Various settings that affect the PunchOut Module can be configured in PunchOut Settings.

Settings for each supplier can be set in the [PUNCHOUT] folder of the Supplier Master File.

Please contact SpendMap Client Services to receive instructions for installing the web server components for the PunchOut Module.