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SpendMap User Guide (v14.5)

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Requisitions and Approvals

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Module Overview

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The Requisitions and Approvals Module is used to simplify and accelerate the approval process when Managers and other decision makers need to review/approve transactions before they are processed in SpendMap, such as when a Department or Project Manager needs to approve the purchase of a product or service before it is ordered, approval before paying an invoice, approval to reimburse someone's expenses, and so on.

For example, instead of processing an actual Purchase Order, a staff member might enter a Purchase Requisition instead, which SpendMap can route for online approval before the Purchase Order is actually placed with the supplier.

The Requisitions and Approvals Module provides a "self-service" environment and allows your staff to order the products and services that they need, while maintaining full control over who buys what. 

If you have a cumbersome, paper-based requisitioning and approval process, this efficient online system will immediately reduce costs and accelerate the requisitioning process by days. 

And if you’re currently waiting for invoices to show up before the approval process starts, you can make the shift to pre-purchase Requisition approval to control spending at the source and gain visibility into your spending much earlier in the procurement process. 

For more details, please see Types of Requisitions.

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Module-map-reqKey Features

Staff can create "free-form" Purchase Requisitions or they can select pre-approved items from the internal Item Master File or PunchOut to leading supplier websites to pick items.

Stock Requests for items coming from inventory.

Expense Reimbursement Requests replace paper or Excel-based "expense sheets", to reduce paperwork and accelerate the approval process for employee expense reimbursements.

Consistently route purchase requests, invoices, expenses and other transactions to the right people for online approval based on business rules in the system.

Automatic e-mail notifications to Approvers/Managers when they have new Requisitions to approve.  Approvers can approve/reject right from the body of the email message or click through a hyperlink to log into the system to do their work.

Create, approve or reject requisitions using your Smartphone or tablet, using the e-Series Employee Storefront and Mobile Website.

Proxy Approver feature for absent approvers.